Three Eagles Fighting For Fish Mid-air

3 Bald Eagles-130208-7571

Three Bald Eagles Fighting Over A Fish

After one of the Bald Eagles grabbed a fish out of Paris City Lake here in Arkansas, two others showed up to try to take the fish away.

During the mid-air battle, the fish was dropped and if you look close you can see it in the photo. (It is between the three Bald Eagles but closer to the bottom Eagle.)

When competing for food, eagles will usually dominate other fish-eaters and scavengers, aggressively displacing mammals such as Coyotes and foxes, and birds such as corvids, gulls, vultures and other raptors.

0 thoughts on “Three Eagles Fighting For Fish Mid-air

  1. Mary Creek

    Drew was so impressed with this photo!! He just couldn’t believe you got to see three eagles all at once.

  2. Cindy H

    I’m thinkin’ the only one really happy in this picture is the fish!
    Not many people are able to even SEE this type of action, let alone take a beautiful picture of it!