This Warm Arkansas Weather Is Bringing Box Turtles Out

This Warm Arkansas Weather Is Bringing Box Turtles Out Photo

Box Turtle I Found While On A Hike Here In Arkansas

The temps here in my part of Arkansas has been in the 70’s the past couple of days. This is unseasonably warm winter weather and I guess it has gotten the Box Turtles to come out of hibernation.

Depending on the part of the country, most box turtles in the wild hibernate. In northern states they may hibernate for 6 months while in Florida and along the gulf coast they may only slow down during the cooler winter months and not enter a true hibernation state.

Box Turtles hibernate by burrowing into loose soil, decaying vegetation, and mud. They tend to hibernate in woodlands, on the edge of woodlands, and sometimes near closed canopy wetlands in the forest. Box turtles may return to the same place to hibernate year after year. As soon as they come out of hibernation, box turtles begin feeding and searching for mates.

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0 Responses to This Warm Arkansas Weather Is Bringing Box Turtles Out

  1. Katie says:

    I just saw one this morning on my run, and saw about 7 of them on a log at a lake east of Fayetteville yesterday. This weather is messing everything up this year!

  2. Steve Creek says:

    I agree Katie! I even saw some type of wild flower.

  3. Marvin Smith says:

    I haven’t encountered any box turtles yet up here in the Ozarks — and, our weather is about to make a dramatic change.

  4. Cindy says:

    I certainly hope it doesn’t screw things up for them. Animals (or in this case reptiles) have to struggle enough as it is!

  5. Steve Creek says:

    A storm just went through here with a tornado watch included. This is suppose to be winter.