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Small Copperhead Snake

I came across this small Copperhead Snake while hiking near the Arkansas River Valley Nature Center. I decided that since it was so cooperative that I wold make photographs of it from all angles. Copperhead Snake Facts Like most North American viperids, these snakes prefer to avoid humans and, given the opportunity, will leave the area without biting.… Read More »

Flying Wild Turkey

Despite their weight, wild turkeys, unlike their domestic counterparts, are agile fliers. Their ideal habitat is an open woodland or savanna, where they may fly beneath the canopy top and find perches. They usually fly close to the ground for no more than a quarter mile.

Juvenile Water Moccasin

I spotted this Juvenile Water Moccasin while hiking Fort Chaffee here in Arkansas. Water Moccasin Facts Juvenile and subadult specimens generally have a more contrasting color pattern, with dark crossbands on a lighter ground color. The ground color is then tan, brown or reddish brown. The tip of the tail is usually yellowish, becoming greenish yellow or greenish… Read More »

Prairie Kingsnake

I spotted this Prairie Kingsnake crossing a gravel road here in Arkansas and was able to grab a quick photo before it disappeared in the tall grass. Prairie Kingsnake Facts Prairie kingsnakes’ preferred habitat is open grassland with loose, dry soil, typically on the edge of a forested region, not far from a permanent source of water. Their… Read More »