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Boxley Valley Elk Calf

I spotted this Elk Calf all alone, feeding in a pasture near the Ponca low water bridge (Buffalo National River). Calves are typically born in late May through early June Calves are born spotted and scentless as camouflage from predators They spend their first few weeks hiding motionless while their mothers feed Cows, calves and yearlings live in… Read More »

Bluebird On A Barb Wire Fence

The availability of a winter food source will often determine whether or not the Eastern Bluebird will migrate. If bluebirds do remain in a region for the winter, they will group and seek cover in heavy thickets, orchards, or other areas in which adequate food and cover resources are available. Bluebird photos taken at Chaffee Crossing near Fort… Read More »

Trumpeter Swan At Boxley Valley

These Swans have so many bands on them, it is very difficult to figure out away to photograph them without the bands showing. Trumpeter swans were released at Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge along the Arkansas River, a few miles downstream from Dardanelle and in the Boxley Valley area of the Buffalo River in north central Arkansas. Trumpeter… Read More »

Fort Chaffee Eagle

This Bald Eagle allowed me to take several photos of it from my vehicle. The eagle was near Charleston Lake on Fort Chaffee here in Arkansas.

Robber Flies

I was hoping to photograph one of these Robber Flies with a prey but no such luck. They will attack other flies, beetles, butterflies and moths, various bees, ants, dragon and damselflies, Ichneumon wasps, grasshoppers, and some spiders.