Squirrel Eating Corn On The Cob

Squirrel Eating Corn-1509

Fox Squirrel Eating Corn on a Cob

Squirrel Eating Corn-1503

Fox Squirrel Eating Corn

Unlike rabbits or deer, squirrels cannot digest cellulose and must rely on foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. In temperate regions early spring is the hardest time of year for squirrels, since buried nuts begin to sprout and are no longer available for the squirrel to eat, and new food sources have not become available yet. During these times squirrels rely heavily on the buds of trees. Squirrels’ diet consists primarily of a wide variety of plant food, including nuts, seeds, conifer cones, fruits, fungi and green vegetation.

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  1. Wonderful shots, Steve. I love to watch squirrels and raccoons when they hold foodbits with both hands while nibbling — that second shot captures that just perfectly. Love it!

  2. Yeah and they also love the peanuts at my peanut feeder!

    What nice photos you have Steve. Every one of them is just beautiful!