Snow Geese 2012 Arrival In Oklahoma

By | November 15, 2012
Snow Geese At Sunrise In Oklahoma

Snow Geese At Sunrise Taken At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge In Oklahoma

Snow Geese In A Field In Oklahoma

Snow Geese At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge In Oklahoma

The Snow Geese have been arriving at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma this past week. It is amazing to watch and hear these geese arriving at sunrise.

This goose breeds north of the timberline in Greenland, Canada, Alaska, and the northeastern tip of Siberia, and winters in warm parts of North America from southwestern British Columbia through parts of the United States to Mexico.

The Snow Goose has two color plumage morphs, white (snow) or gray/blue (blue), thus the common description as “snows” and “blues.” White-morph birds are white except for black wing tips, but blue-morph geese have bluish-grey plumage replacing the white except on the head, neck and tail tip. The immature blue phase is drab or slate-gray with little to no white on the head, neck, or belly. Both snow and blue phases have rose-red feet and legs, and pink bills with black tomia (“cutting edges”), giving them a black “grin patch.” The colors are not as bright on the feet, legs, and bill of immature birds. The head can be stained rusty-brown from minerals in the soil where they feed. They are very vocal and can often be heard from more than a mile away. (Wikipedia)

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  1. Martin Belan

    Love the sunrise photo Steve. Looks like a big flock!