Red-bellied Woodpecker Exorcist Head Spin

By | March 19, 2012
Red-bellied Woodpecker-120316-3333

Red-bellied Woodpecker Head Twist

The first thing I thought of when I saw this Red-bellied Woodpecker twisting its head around was Linda Blair, the possessed child, in The Exorcist.

I even photographed a Gull doing this while it was flying: Gull Flying Upside Down

Author: Steve Creek

An Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Steve’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow.

0 thoughts on “Red-bellied Woodpecker Exorcist Head Spin

  1. Miriam

    I was laughing at your caption before I even saw the picture, Steve! Ok, now what did you put in the suet? LOL! I agree with Mia–perfect shot for a rainy Monday.

  2. Steve Creek Post author

    Ha! I told the birds to start showing me something different or the people would get bored.

  3. Karen Lund

    Maybe she thinks she’s an owl :). Possibly a hawk was flying overhead.