Shady Lake Recreation Area Here In Arkansas

The Shady Lake Recreation Area is not too far from the Albert Pike Recreation Area I posted about this past Monday. This is a campground and public recreation area in southwestern Ouachita National Forest, southwest of Mena, Arkansas and west of Glenwood, Arkansas. The area is oriented around Shady Lake, a body of water on the South Fork… Read More »

The Little Missouri River At Albert Pike Recreation Area

I made a trip this past Saturday to the Albert Pike Recreation Area where the Little Missouri River flows. This recreation area is located in the southern portion of the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I was in this same area back in January of 2015 (Trout Fishing On The Little Missouri). I wanted to come to… Read More »

Photographing Lizards In February

I started seeing Lizards about the third week of February here in the Ouachitas of Arkansas. Photographing Lizards in February are different for me since this is usually a very cold month. It has been very warm and I have seen flowers and trees blooming with lots of insects showing up including Butterflies. Having record breaking warm weather… Read More »

My First Visit To DeGray Lake Resort State Park

This past Saturday I made a trip to DeGray Lake Resort State Park here in Arkansas. This was my first time visiting this park. The trip only took a little over an hour from my cabin. I didn’t read up about this park before I made the trip so I didn’t know what to expect. I have done… Read More »

Marijuana Leaf Hat Found In The Ouachita National Forest

I found this Marijuana Leaf Hat while hiking deep in the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I’m not saying that the person that lost this hat was growing marijuana, but it did put me on high alert for the possibility. I debated with myself if I should share this photo with everyone because I didn’t want to… Read More »