Witches’ Butter (Golden Jelly Fungus) I Found Here In Arkansas

I often come across this Witches’ Butter (Tremelia Mesenterica) which some people call Golden Jelly Fungus while hiking the Ouachita National Forest after a rain. This stuff likes dead branches that are still attached to the tree. I read that you can also find them on recently fallen branches. Within a few days after rain this Witches Butter… Read More »

Tree Eating Sign In The Ouachita National Forest

I came upon this tree eating a warning sign while hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas yesterday. I find all kinds of cool things while hiking and seeing Nature fighting back is one of the coolest. I wonder how long it will take before this tree will complete its meal. Long after I am gone from… Read More »

Earth Needs Mushrooms

On my hikes here in the Ouachita National Forest I see all kinds of Mushrooms. I started photographing the different types and then when I got home, I would research what type of Mushrooms I was finding. The thing I discovered about Mushrooms is that Earth would be a different planet if we didn’t have Mushrooms. Mushrooms evolved… Read More »

Found Two Hornets Nest While Hiking Ouachita National Forest

I found two hornets nest while hiking the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas yesterday. In the first photo I was able to bend the tree down and get a photo with my little pocket camera. I was able to get the second photo by being on a hillside even with the nest. The hornets are gone from… Read More »

Rosie, Groomed And Ready For Christmas

My dog Rosie, groomed and ready for Christmas. I think this is my Dog Rosie’s favorite time of year. She likes being around people and she knows this will happen during Christmas. When we spend time at my cabin in the forest we are isolated from people for several weeks. I don’t mind it, but Rosie is always… Read More »