Male Purple Finch Here In The Ouachitas

This male Purple Finch was photographed near one of my feeders here at my place in the Ouachitas of Arkansas. I usually see House Finches at my main home in Lavaca. It is difficult for me to tell these two birds apart, so lets hope I got it right. I have found several websites that help me to… Read More »

Dull Colors Of The Female American Goldfinch

This time of year it is easier to see the difference between the male American Goldfinch and the female American Goldfinch. I posted a photo of a male this past Monday (Male American Goldfinch Molting Into Breeding Plumage). In the winter I would have a difficult time seeing the difference between a non-breeding male and a female. I… Read More »

Male American Goldfinch Molting Into Breeding Plumage

This male American Goldfinch molting into breeding plumage photo was made at my place near the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. By May this male should be in full breeding plumage. The male is a vibrant yellow in the summer and an olive color during the winter. American Goldfinch Molting Facts The American Goldfinch undergoes a molt… Read More »

Green Anole Using Rusted Screw Head For Pillow

I was photographing another lizard and almost didn’t see this Green Anole. It was on an old rusty piece of metal that was leaned up against a barn. When I got closer for a photo I saw that it was resting its head on a rusted screw. We had some nice warm days the first part of March… Read More »

Lizard Hitching A Ride Using My Thumb

I made this photo of a Lizard hitching a ride using my thumb a few days ago. I was moving it to a safer place near my garden. It was on my deck, but I have a neighbor cat that visits and I was afraid that she would kill it if she saw it. I didn’t like removing… Read More »