Garden Spider In Its Web

The web of the garden spider is distinctive: a circular shape up to 2 feet in diameter, with a dense zigzag of silk, known as a stabilimentum, in the center. The purpose of the stabilimentum is disputed. It is possible that it acts as camouflage for the spider lurking in the web’s center, but it may also attract… Read More »

Copperhead Snake Crossing

Like all pit vipers, the copperhead is an ambush predator: it takes up a promising position and waits for suitable prey to arrive. In the southern United States, they are nocturnal during the hot summer months, but are commonly active during the day during the spring and fall.


Despite their often scary appearance and reputation, none of the true tarantulas are known to have a bite which is deadly to humans. In general the effects of the bites of all kinds of tarantulas are not well known. While the bites of many species are known to be no worse than a wasp sting, accounts of bites… Read More »

Birth Of A Monarch Butterfly

I witnessed this Monarch Butterfly emerging from a cocoon at the Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center here in Arkansas. Monarch Butterfly Facts The mature butterfly emerges after about two pupal weeks, and hangs from the split chrysalis for several hours until its wings are dry (often in the morning). Meanwhile, fluids are pumped into the crinkled… Read More »