Moving Unhappy Box Turtle From Road

This seems like an unhappy Box Turtle I was moving to the other side of the road. Most of the time they will stay tucked into their shells when I pick them up. I was able to park in a safe place to help this turtle. It went into its shell when I got close to it. As… Read More »

Sad Update Reference Nesting Eastern Bluebirds

I am afraid the nesting Eastern Bluebirds that I posted about in March and April are gone. (Male Eastern Bluebird Bringing Nest Material To Bird house and Male Eastern Bluebird Using Food To Attract Female) Over the next week and a half I was able to watch the female build the nest from inside my house. I didn’t… Read More »

Red-eared Slider Searching For New Habitat

I am thinking this Red-eared Slider is searching for new habitat because he left a nearby pond and was in my yard. I took a few photos and left it to continue on its journey. The next morning I found it trapped inside my fenced in garden. It must have found its way through the gate which was… Read More »

Today Is Save The Frogs Day

April 29th is Save The Frogs Day so I thought I would post a photo of an American Bullfrog. I have a pond nearby and it sounds like there are hundreds in this pond. I listen to them while sitting on my deck after the sun sets. The Bullfrog in this photo hangs out in a stream that… Read More »

Red-breasted Nuthatch Near My Bird Feeder

I photographed this Red-breasted Nuthatch on a limb that I have on my bird feeder. This bird would come and grab a sunflower seed out of the feeder and then it would fly up in a tree to break it open. This is done quickly, so it is difficult to get a photo I like. I got lucky… Read More »