Male Purple Finch Here In The Ouachitas

By | March 24, 2017

This male Purple Finch was photographed near one of my feeders here at my place in the Ouachitas of Arkansas. I usually see House Finches at my main home in Lavaca. It is difficult for me to tell these two birds apart, so lets hope I got it right. I have found several websites that help me to tell the differences between these two birds.

The House Finch has a brown crown at the top of its head. The Purple Finch has color on top. The main thing I go by is a Purple Finch will have a faint white brow. House Finches have brown cheeks. The other thing I go by is the female which I will post photos of next week.

Here is a photo I made of a House Finch back in 2013 – House Finch

Photograph Of A Male Purple Finch

Male Purple Finch (Arkansas) – Canon 7D2 | Canon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L v2 Lens | @400mm | 1/400 | f/5.6 | ISO 1000

Male Purple Finch Photo

Male Purple Finch (Arkansas) – Canon 7D2 | Canon EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L v2 Lens | @400mm | 1/800 | f/6.3 | ISO 800

Purple Finch Facts

Adult males are raspberry red on the head, breast, back and rump; their back is streaked.

Their breeding habitat is coniferous and mixed forest in Canada and the northeastern United States, as well as various wooded areas along the U.S. Pacific coast. They nest on a horizontal branch or in a fork of a tree.

he purple finch population has declined sharply in the East due to the house finch. Most of the time, when these two species collide, the house finch outcompetes the purple finch. This bird has been also displaced from some habitat by the introduced house sparrow.

These birds forage in trees and bushes, sometimes in ground vegetation. They mainly eat seeds, berries, and insects. They are fond of sunflower seeds, millet, and thistle.

This is the state bird of New Hampshire. (Wikipedia)

Author: Steve Creek

An Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Steve’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow.