The Little Missouri River At Albert Pike Recreation Area

By | March 6, 2017

I made a trip this past Saturday to the Albert Pike Recreation Area where the Little Missouri River flows. This recreation area is located in the southern portion of the Ouachita National Forest here in Arkansas. I was in this same area back in January of 2015 (Trout Fishing On The Little Missouri). I wanted to come to this area during the Fall when the leaves change, but I forgot. This is a beautiful place this time of year and I can imagine how it would be in the Fall.

The Little Missouri River

The Little Missouri River at the Bridge (Albert Pike Recreation Area)

The Little Missouri River

The Little Missouri River at the Low Water Bridge

Fishing The Little Missouri River

A Couple of People Fishing The Little Missouri River

The last time I was in this area I saw people trout fishing and they were catching a few. This time was no different. The man that is fly fishing in the water caught several in just the few minutes I was watching.

Little Missouri River Facts

The Little Missouri River, or Little Mo, is a 147-mile-long waterway that runs from the Ouachita Mountains of southwest Arkansas into the rolling hills area in the surrounding countryside.

The Little Missouri River is a rocky mountain river that flows through narrow forested canyons. This river has numerous small waterfalls, crystal clear water, and outstanding scenery including towering rocky bluffs crowned with pine.

The Little Missouri River was so named because its lower reaches were said to remind early French explorers of the Missouri River.

The upper reaches of the Little Missouri were considered so scenic that the area was once approved by Congress to become Ouachita National Park, until this action was vetoed by President Herbert Hoover. The watershed of the Little Missouri River is quite small, which means that its upper reaches ordinarily contain little water during the dry summer months. (Wikipedia)

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  1. Greg Topp

    I love the white fault line in the 3rd photo that is revealed in the bank of the river. This is sure a beautiful area. The rocks in the river are arranged as though by plan!

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