Hiking The Narrows

By | April 25, 2013

I didn’t get to hike The Narrows at Zion National Park but I sure wanted to. I didn’t have a dry suite like you see the hikers in the photos wearing. Hiking The Narrows means hiking in the Virgin River. At least 60 percent of the hike is spent wading, walking, and sometimes swimming in the river.

I did notice that one of the guides didn’t have a dry suit on but we all know that some people are crazy. That water was freezing cold!

The Virgin River has carved a spectacular gorge in the upper reaches of Zion Canyon: 16 miles long, up to 2,000-feet deep, and at times only 20 to 30-feet wide. The Narrows, with its soaring walls, sandstone grottos, natural springs, and hanging gardens can be an unforgettable wilderness experience. However, it is not a hike to be underestimated. (The Narrows)

Hikers At Zion National Park

Hikers Crossing The Virgin River – The Narrows – Zion National Park

The Guide

One Of The Guides Wearing Shorts In The Freezing Virgin River – The Narrows – Zion National Park

Hikers Crossing The Virgin River

Hikers Beginning The Long Hike Into The Narrows At Zion National Park

Author: Steve Creek

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  1. joe bloemer

    My wife and I hiked top-down this year. Some tips.. It takes 12 hours, really. So start early so you’re not too rushed. Also, if you want to take pictures, do it overnight if possible. We were rushing all day to beat sunset and had little time to admire the scenery, which was fantastic. Bottom up is a good alternative. Most of the best parts are in the lower half, anyway.