Happy 9th Birthday Rosie

By | February 1, 2016
A Photo Of My Dog Rosie

My Dog Rosie

If you have been following me for a while here on my blog, then you know I travel a lot with my dog, Rosie. She was a rescue dog that was badly mistreated. She turns 9 today! She has been a great hiking buddy even if she is small. We get a lot of comments when people see her on a hiking trail. She also does very well when I take her on some of my wildlife photography adventures. She stays quiet and doesn’t move.

She has been through a lot with me. The worst was when she was grabbed by a Coyote while I had her on a leash. You can read about that story here: I Almost Lost My Dog To A Coyote

A couple of years ago, she got bit by a Copperhead Snake while she and I were picking tomatoes in a garden. I am sure the snake would have bitten me if it wasn’t for Rosie. The Vet said that Copperheads can regulate how much venom they inject and Rosie didn’t get a full dose. She had some swelling but recovered quickly.

For her birthday I will give her extra treats and we will go on a hike which she loves.

Rosie and I On A Hike

Rosie and I on a hiking adventure (2011)

Note: One of the things that I have learned about having an abused dog is that they never forget the abuse they went through. Rosie has been with me for 9 years and I have noticed that certain things will trigger those memories.

Author: Steve Creek

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10 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday Rosie

  1. Janis Rustad

    Happy Birthday Rosie! Thank you Steve for keeping my inbox a welcome learning experience. Your email is always the first to be opened and enjoyed. You and Rosie take good care now. Cheers!

  2. Dennis Waters

    Happy Birthday to Rosie! I had a Boston Box that had been abused when I rescued it. It was my constant partner. Before I had to retire it went to the office with me and when I was photographing it had it’s own backpack. When I was getting ready to go to the woods it would have a fit until I put on his backpack. He was 17 when he had renal failure and I still miss CHICO>

    1. Steve Creek Post author

      Thanks for sharing your story Dennis! Chico sounds like Rosie. She always likes being outdoors with me.

  3. ritaroberts

    Oh Rosie is so cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE. Hi Steve, We lost our first rescue dog 2 yrs ago and said we would not have another one because we missed Ben so much. However, just before Xmas we decided that the house is just not the same without a dog so we now have another rescue dog who was found starving wondering the streets in the pouring rain searching for food. A small dog and now a bundle of fun and very obedient. We named him Koko. Read all about him on my blog http://www.ritaroberts.wordpress.com under the heading TAKIS SHELTER Have lots more fun with Rosie Steve.

  4. Valerie

    Happy Birthday, Rosie. I bet your dad is giving you the best home you’ve ever had. You are adorable. And what a big, brave girl you are.
    I wish you many more birthdays with Steve.
    Love, Valerie

  5. Sandra

    Rosie is a lucky dog indeed! To have a caring and responsible owner is a good fate to have. I didn’t know that coyotes were brave enough to prey on small pets especially in large cities. Good reason enough to be vigilant when pets are outdoors. Oh and happy BD Rosie!!!

  6. Cindy Hall

    Happy Birthday to Rosie,
    She’s a very good model and poses well for you!
    You are both a gift to each other. ♥

  7. Lesley Blevins

    Happy Happy Birthday Rosie, I hope you had a nice hike and ate alot of treats..

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