Great Egret Eating Crayfish

By | August 16, 2013

While I was photographing the Immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron catching Crayfish, this Great Egret shows up and starts catching and eating Crayfish. I always like to watch the different birds to see how they interact with each other, especially while catching food.

They did get close to each other a few times but none of the birds seem to care. They were all catching plenty of Crayfish that was for sure.

I was at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

A Great Egret With A Crayfish Photo

A Great Egret With A Crayfish At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge In Oklahoma

0 thoughts on “Great Egret Eating Crayfish

  1. Cindy H

    As long as there is enough food, no one has to argue. 🙂
    I love watching a different variety of birds together.
    I once saw a Magpie, a Seagull, and a Raven, eating the same roadkill at the same time. Yeep.
    Wished I’d had my camera.