Dragonfly Tree Ornaments

By | September 23, 2011
A Dragonfly Hanging From A Tree

Dragonfly On A Cedar at the Arkansas River Valley Nature Center here in Arkansas

I counted 6 of these Dragonflies hanging from this tree. They didn’t even move when you touched them so they really did seem like ornaments instead of real Dragonflies.

0 thoughts on “Dragonfly Tree Ornaments

  1. Lisa Salt

    They would make wonderful ornaments for my xmas tree! Great pics Steve 🙂

  2. Steve Creek Post author

    Thank Lisa! I almost didn’t see them and when I did I thought they looked like xmas ornaments. This was the first time I have seen so many in one tree like this.

  3. Steve Ingraham

    not fair! I chased these guys for several hours in OH trying to find one still enough to photograph!! Common Green Darner unless I am mistaken.

  4. Steve Creek Post author

    I’m not good at Dragonfly ID so I’m not sure what these are called but I bet you are correct Steve.

  5. Deb K

    they sure are amazing creatures, aren’t they? In late July, I got several good (for me, nothing like yours) shots on the south bank of a local river. although they did keep moving, different dragonflies kept lighting in the same couple spots that I kept focussed on. strange how you can see more detail in the photo than the actual observation, isn’t it? thanks for more great photos.

  6. Frank Dyer

    Steve, that looks like a cedar tree. A long time ago I noticed that humming birds like to suck dew from cedar trees. Perhaps there is some sugar (and flavoring) in the dew.

  7. Steve Creek Post author

    Frank, my thoughts are that it was a cool morning and they were in this cedar waiting to warm up. They didn’t move when touched.

  8. Julie G.

    Lovely images, Steve! I think dragonflies are so cool. How interesting that they did not move when touched.