Coyotes At Antelope Island

I wasn’t expecting to get an up close look at the Coyotes while I was visiting Antelope Island State Park but I got lucky and was able to see a few. I even was able to photograph a pair hunting together.

These Coyotes were busy hunting and didn’t seem to care much about the humans that were on the roads nearby. I watched them hunt the tall grass and I even watched one dig a large hole looking for a meal. It caught whatever it was digging for but the Coyote had its back to me and I wasn’t able to see what it was.

As you can see in my photos, these Coyotes look good and healthy.






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0 Responses to Coyotes At Antelope Island

  1. Dwynn says:

    Great shots, Steve! To someone leaving near the Gulf coast, Antelope Island first looks like a barren spot not likely to support these guys. But your photos prove otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Coyotes are such great animals to photograph, beautiful photos, Steve!