Button Buck

By | September 16, 2010

A Whitetail Button Buck

A Whitetail Button Buck

A Whitetail Button Buck

A Whitetail Button Buck

A Whitetail Button Buck Fawn

The fawns have now lost their spots and the young male whitetail bucks are showing the first signs of antlers.

A button buck usually tends to be a buck that is only 6 months old. Since it is within their first year, they only have little nubs where their antlers will develop.

0 thoughts on “Button Buck

  1. Maria Rosa

    I never tire of the pic of deer and especially the young ones. They certainly do appear to pose for you:-) I know that isn’t how it happens and that is why we know how talented you are to bring such shots for us to view. I love the “straight on” look as if they are saying “Who’s there?”

  2. Judi

    Another group of “Awww” pictures, the last one was more,
    “Oh, it’s our Steve, everyone pose!”
    BEAUTIFUL as always.

  3. Becky L.

    Thanks for sharing deer photos. Beautiful! My friend and I saw a young deer Sunday when we were leaving a camp. He was so pretty! :0)

  4. Amy

    Oh man, look at those nubbins. How cute!! Great series of photos, as always. 🙂

  5. Barbara

    I agree with Judi – another group of awwww pics – as well as with her comment – “there’s our Steve – everybody pose” – it sure looks as if that’s what happens, but knowing deer and how skittish they are, you just show how good you are Steve… thanks for sharing.