International Vulture Awareness Day 2009

By | September 4, 2009


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National Vulture Awareness Day aims to create awareness of the plight of southern Africa’s vultures and to highlight the conservation work being done to protect these birds and their habitats. This year the day will be celebrated on Saturday 5 September.

Author: Steve Creek

An Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Steve’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow.

0 thoughts on “International Vulture Awareness Day 2009

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  2. Patricia Downey

    Gorgeous photo. Vultures are are so misunderstood. I always say that without them (especially here in SW FL) we would not be able to go outside and breathe. Thank you for a look at another kind.

  3. Joey

    Beautiful picture! Vultures definitely need their own awareness day. They are amazing creatures.