Bald Eagle vs Great Blue Heron

Yesterday morning I made a trip to the Charleston City Lake near my home to see how the American Bald Eagles were doing. When I arrived I noticed that the lake was still iced over. I sat for a few minutes watching the sun beginning to rise and I thought that I would travel to the Paris City Lake with the hopes of seeing the Eagles catching fish. I left and drove about a mile and then changed my mind and went back to the Charleston Lake. I have no idea why I changed my mind but I’m glad I did because it turned out to be a great morning to photograph the Eagles at this lake.

The most exciting thing to witness were the Bald Eagles and the Great Blue Herons competing for something that was on or under the ice. (I think the Great Blue Heron was winning the Argument.)

Bald Eagle vs Great Blue Heron Photo

A Great Blue Heron and an American Bald Eagle Arguing on the Ice

Bald Eagle vs Great Blue Heron Photo #2

An American Bald Eagle vs A Great Blue Heron on the Ice

American Bald Eagle Vs Great Blue Heron Photo #3

I Think the Great Blue Heron was Winning the Argument

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  1. Hi, good morning, I was amazed by the pictures. I am thinking the eagle gave up because it is either smarter and knew it could not get through the ice, or it was a young one, and intimidated by the Heron.
    Really interesting is how the heron made itself look bigger by fluffing up and spreading its wings.
    Even thought the eagle was doing the same thing, it is rare to see a photo of the heron doing that.
    Thanks for the wonderful entertainment I get with your posts.

  2. If the Eagle was diving from high above I think it would have the advantage. On the ground the Heron with that powerful beak would have the advantage.

  3. Love the photos Steve! I agree with you–the eagle diving on the heron would have an advantage. But on the ground, I sure would not want to make a full grown Great Blue angry.

  4. Wow! That is a fantastic set of pictures, Steve. I think those birds of prey really have to respect the heron’s beak. Great Horned Owls often take over heron nests to use as their own. When this happens the rest of the herons in the rookery need some way to maintain the balance of power when they have a deadly nighttime predator in their midst. I’ve been told that spear-like bill is the difference maker.