Baby Possum

By | August 2, 2008

Baby Possum

I found 3 baby possums in my yard but the mother possum was nowhere around. The sad thing is that all three later died. The baby possum above was very sick when I discovered it. It had a bad eye that looked infected. (Not shown in photo).


I have been receiving so many comments in reference to people wanting info on what to do in reference to finding an orphaned Opossum. I am sorry but I am a wildlife photographer and not a Wildlife Rehabilitator. I have researched this matter so that people directed to my site can hopefully get help.

Here are some links that may help:

If You Found An Orphaned Opossum
Found an Orphaned or Injured Opossum

Author: Steve Creek

An Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Steve’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow.

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  1. Nicole



    Yesterday a baby possum that I had rescued from the street died. It was hairless, eyes still closed and everything but strangely for the 24 hours that I had the little thing I really bonded with it and felt LOVE.

    Just as I was getting ready to take it to an experienced rescuer it died and I cried. It was so cute and adorable and such a little fighter.

    My only consolation yesterday was that there was also a very beautiful rainbow and I just choose to believe that that little baby possum rode out on that.

    I am so surprised at how I am reacting to all of this! Wow.

  2. Steve Creek Post author

    Thank you for sharing the story of the possum you found. I am not sure where the 3 possums that showed up in my yard came from. I was thinking that the mother must have been hit by a vehicle. The strange thing is that 2 were close together but the one I took the photo of was about 100 yards away on the other side of my house.
    It is always sad to see the death of a baby animal, no matter who you are.

  3. Teresa

    Please help me i have a one month opossum and i don’t know what to feed it …. i have been giving 2% milk mixed with egg yolk and one teaspoon of karo syrup but now i don’t think its enough can anybody please please help me i don’t want anything to happen to him cause i done something wrong … thank you for your time Teresa

  4. Mary Martinez

    I just found a baby possum right by the door step. Poor think he was all alone. I know he hasn’t been there that long because we was not that dirty at all, and it looked as if his feet never touched the ground. Yea sure he did the hissing thing, but once I cupped him in my hands where it was warm he fell fast to sleep. After a few minutes I cut up a gala apple, took the skin off and off he went licking and chewing still cupped in my hand as if he was in a lazy boy. He was and is so cute. He is in a box now eating what’s left of the apple. My question is this, he is so small, would it be best to hold on to him for awhile until he is stronger and set him free, or should I Keep him here at home. My mother use to have pet Racoon for a pet and thought that maybe I can do the same with the possum. What is the best to do for this little guy? I never thought in my life I would ever pick up this type of animal, but here I am. Please answer as soon as possible, I want to do the right thing. Thank’s Mary I there anyway to tell how old his is.

  5. kerianne

    Hi! i found a possum 5 days ago in my yard with no mother in sight, he is about 7-8weeks old and hes very alert, in in good health and is climbing around.Ive been feeding him possum formular that i found how to make and ive been doing it with an eye dropper, but now hes not really taking it. What do you suggest i do,and feed him? also im not sure what to do with him when he gets older, i live in an urban area and found him in my yard,do you know of any wildlife rehabilators in NY, that i could bring him to?…or if not and i raise him and then release him, where should i release him and what are his chances of survival? with being raised with human contact?

  6. Steve Creek Post author

    I am sorry but I am from Arkansas and do not know of one in your area, but that is who you need to contact. I would contact your local Game and Fish Department and also ask them. They maybe able to give you some advise.

    Good luck and could I get you to contact me back to let me know how it turns out.

  7. Beth

    Hi. I don’t know if you can help me or will get this in time to give me your opinion. My husband and I just arrived home to find a small possum on our front doorstep. He is small – maybe a little bigger than a guinea pig. I don’t know if he needs helps or is just hanging out for a while. We just left him alone and went in through the garage. The light was on. I don’t know if that attracted him. We turned it off for a while but I just checked and he is still out there. When do possums go off on their own? Should I help this little guy or let him be? Wait until morning? I don’t want another animal to get him. We have four dogs who bark very loud. We have lots of cats in the neighborhood. I wonder if he was in danger and found safety at our door because the dogs scared away the other animal? Thanks so much!

  8. Poly

    We found an injured baby possum in our yard this morning. Tried to find a place we could take him but his injury was too much for him, some animal had bitten him on the neck.

    I later found some info on where to take baby animals to be rehabilitaded or checked.
    Many I read say not to keep the baby had hoem unless you know what youre doing.
    These sites were for NY, best to find a rehabilitator or a vet hospital that deals with wildlife.
    I wish we had a better chance with the little guy we found, know he would had made it if his injury wasnt so bad.
    Hope save some of these little guys.

  9. Poly

    We found an injured baby possum in our yard this morning. Tried to find a place we could take him but his injury was too much for him, some animal had bitten him on the neck.

    I later found some info on where to take baby animals to be rehabilitaded or checked.

    Many sites I read say not to keep the baby had hoem unless you know what youre doing.
    Best to find a rehabilitator or a vet hospital that deals with wildlife.
    I wish we had a better chance with the little guy we found, know he would had made it if his injury wasnt so bad.
    Hope save some of these little guys.

  10. Steve Creek Post author

    Thanks for posting the info and sorry that you could not save the one you found. I need to do some research on what people can do when they find an injured animal. I am surprised how many people post wanting info on the care of injured possums.

  11. Chey

    I have a baby opossum the mother was sick and she was laying in our yard we put the mom to sleep and the others died but this one has been doing great and she’s not the first one I’ve had.I had one before his name was Lucky,his mother was run over and my cousin took care of the other one and let her loose but lucky we came to find later had brain damage so it was good we kept him or he would have died. But anyways i was wondering how do i tell how old she is?

  12. kara

    i was woken up by a loud clicking noise last night and i found a juvinille/baby opossum in my tub and he cant get out and im scared to touch him because hes making hissing noises n swaying back and forth…its a very cute little devil but i wanted to know how can i care for the little guy until i can get it out of my house?

  13. Michael Martinez

    I found a baby possum today. fed it pedialyte to hydrate it and been giving it wark milk mixed with egg and honey but im not sure what else to feed it. I NEED SOME ADVISE PLEASE!

  14. keely Murrell

    My mother had called me and told me that her dogs had killed the momma possum and the babys was still alive there are 5 of them. they dont have their eyes opened or anything can you tell me what she needs to feed them? I hate for them to die. Please let me know something soon!

  15. Alexandria Martell

    My brother was walking through the back yard and he walked up on a possum. The possum tried to attack as soon as she saw him without quetion. He didnt think much of it but it was actually a mother. He was only thinking about what he had heard about them usually only being out in broad day light if they have rabies or something so he swung at it and hit it in the head. He ended up killing it and when he did he looked down and there laid 6 babies. Ive had for the weekend and they are still alive. Ive tried to feed them warm milk but they wont really eat it. I was going to take them to the shelter but they wont raise wild animals down here so i dont know what to do other than try and find something to feed them with so they will stay alive so i can set them free. I looked it up and found some really interesting tips and im going to see if i cant apply them and attempt to save their lives.

  16. catherine

    My stepmother and brother both found 3 baby possums in the back yard 2 of witch were dead and the other roaming the yard. They put it in a cat carrier and now its in the out house in our yard. It seems to be like 5/6 weeks old and its not eating. But we think cause it was during the day and that she will only eat at night. I haven’t checked on her yet i think im going to wait till the morning but i hope that when i do it will still be alive. It trusts me enough to touch it but im not sure if it will let me pick her up. I gave her some bread and honey and some cat food and some pear but i dont know if she has eaten it yet. Hopefully she did.

  17. Tiffany

    My husband and I seen a dead opossum on the side of a road in our neighborhood. Later on that night while walking our dogs we discovered there were four babies nearby. Of course we couldn’t leave them so we have had them at home for the past four days. We called the vet and also our local humane society and the told us to feed them kitten milk replacement. All seem to be doing very well. All are eating, urinating, and passing bowl. All four go to work with me at night so they have constant care throughout the entire day and night. Is there anyother suggestions or advice that we may need to follow?

  18. cory

    I found a baby possum four days ago. His eyes were open and he seemed to be in good health, so I decided to keep him. I have been feeding him puppy formula and he has been in sleeping in my chest all day when I go to work. I have been stimulating him to urinate, but I haven’t noticed a bowl movement since 3 days ago. Can someone please tell me how to stimulate a bowl movement? Thanks!!

  19. patty

    I have found (in a trash can) in our garage on two different days, one dead baby possum and one alive baby possum. I’ve put on gloves and taken the two alive possums and put them in a box with a blanket and the next day they’re gone. We’ve had possums in our garage on and off for years….I leave fruit out her/him. But I’m starting to think “is the mother killing the babies for some reason?” why is she putting them in a tall trash can that they can’t get out of??? would love your thinking on this.

    Patty (So. Calif)

  20. sarah

    Hi my name is sarah I work for a vet tonight I was driving when I hit a possum and so I turned around to check on it and found 8 babies one was dead and 6 where trying to eat of the mom and one was almost dead i left went to a store and got a box and came back and 3 more had been hit and died 2 ran and I got one I don’t know where the last one went so I got the only survier and put him in a box he’s in a pet carrier now with a heating pad on low I called the police station they told me no one will take in the possums so now I’m stuck trying to do it on my own we have raised two baby raccoons so I think I can handle it but can someone please tell me what to feed it and how to care for him better I want him to eat by himself so I can release him into the wild I hope he makes it please write me a email thanks

  21. santana

    hey my brother killed a possun last night and found a baby with her he is fine and in great health his strong and clings to me and wont let me put him down i have rised 7 kittens 1 dog and faild sadly to rise a poor lil baby squierrel i got him on a heat pad right now and i no you guys keep saying i need to ask the game and fish Department well my mom is friends with the guy who works there he said i need to feed it a 22 thats how he`ll end up anyway i said a few choses words case even though i only had him for a day hes took my hart and i dont want anything to happen to him me and my mom are on our way to to get him some food were getting him wild animal formla that you can get at cv`s or the co-op

  22. santana

    what food sould i be feeding him just in case he dont eat or has a bad reaction to the wild animal formla i no i sound weird buti care for this animal and so far i never had a baby animla that i tryed to rise live but i cant do nothing help!!!!!!!

  23. santana

    iv been feeding him cat milk of walmart with a ear droper hes doing good so far he eats it good he dont eat to much in the morning ajnd i have to go to school so the poor things eats alot when i get back iv named him wally !! i wish i could fine out how old he is he has fur and his eyes are open his about 3 1/2 in ??

  24. vika

    Yesterday, my dad found 7 baby opossums and there is no rehabilitator in our area so we are having to raise them ourselves. Luckily, they are all in great health and are chubby and inquisitive and seem to have no ill effects other than being orphans.

  25. Veronika

    My cat has caught a baby opposum and brought it into our house. The opposum was injured by my cat. It had a cut along the throat area and a broken front paw. My dad took it to the nearest woods. I feel terrible and I wish I could help the baby opposum but I don’t know how. Will the poor thing recover? If its not too late what can I do to help it?

  26. brianna

    i found a baby opossum today and the mom died

  27. lindle

    im 14 yrs old and my mom got all the stuff i needed stuff u need is
    baby food chicken turkey bannanas peas apple sauce they love and yorgurt they have to have plain or anyfruited
    goat or lamb milk
    hot water bottle
    blanket if u have one a really silky or furry
    an eye dropper
    so it depends if the have thier eyes open but if they dont want to eat dont force them go to the next thing
    and i changed the water bottle every time it felt cool
    and i started to try to feed them baby food
    i fed them prolly 3 hrs if they r injured amoxicillian and u can get that from ur vet
    when the get older they have to have yogurt because it helps them digest thier food and veggies any kind and apple sauce is a nice treat

  28. Juan Carlos Coronel

    We found a dead possum (I presume it was the mother) in my backyard and later that day we found 2 baby possums, one died later that day. The other one is still alive, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that great, is seems weak and shaky. It’s eyes are opened and it can walk a little, it has a little fur and is about 3 1/2 inches log without the tail.
    I took it to the Zoo but they wouldn’t take it, the veterinarian even said it was a “harmful” animal when she rejected it. I live in Santa Cruz – Bolivia, people don’t like posssums here because they eat their chickens.
    I’ve been keeping it inside a box with some paper towels and feeding it milk with egg yolk, a little sugar and salt – but I don’t know what to do with it. I’m afraid it just might die like it’s brother. The weather is really hot here around 95 degrees so I don’t think he died of cold, but I really don’t know what to do and it saddens me to think it will die.
    If anyone has a tip please email me, I will be very grateful.

  29. Austin

    I caught a possum in my trap, and it’s pregnant. I have always wanted to raise possums, so I figured I could keep the mom in my yard in a kennel and let it run around daily. I’m not sure if this is okay, but it would be the safest way to raise babies. Should I feed the mom scraps and dog food or is there anything special that it needs? Once the babies start riding on her back should I let them eat scraps and dog food or is the something special that they need as well? Please let me know soon. Thanks

  30. S.Lo

    This past Saturday my parents and I discovered that an opossum had been hit by a car earlier in the night. When we attempted to move her out of the road, we discovered that she had 2 babies in her pouch. We immediately knew that they needed help, and that we couldn’t just leave them there. So, we got a cardboard box and placed one of my old t-shirts in there. I had no idea what to do, or how to care for these precious little creatures. My mother and I went inside and turned on the heater so it would be warm, and then I held them in my hands to help as well. They seemed to be alert and moving around with no problem. I’m assuming they were still far too young to be away from their mother because their eyes were still closed. They were so cute and amazing little babies. We called the humane society in the next town over, and raced to get them the proper care they needed and deserved. I was saddened by the fact that I had to part with them, but knew it was the right thing to do. My parents and I are extreme animal lovers, and I mean EXTREME. We called the humane society this past Monday to follow up on our new little friends, and discovered that they had passed away that morning. That night I cried and cried. Although I had only spent a few hours with them, I became extrememly attached. I loved them like they were my own pets, and I was so upset that they hadn’t survived. Now honestly, I don’t even know if the humane society really attempted to rehabilitate them as they said they would. Not everyone that “helps” animals is truly an animal lover. I personally don’t think that an extreme lover would even be able to survive working at a job like that. However, I am going to tell myself, and make myself believe that they did try. And that my little angels went out fighting hard. They were in fact little fighters. I will never forget them or this experience. It has most certainly shined a new light on the world of opossums for me. Now, I am volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center that cares especially for these little critters. I will work my hardest so that something as unfortunate and as sad as this never happens again.

    -S.Lo (California)

  31. Santana

    I thought I should post on here it’s been almost a full year since my brother found Wally he is great I keep him inside he uses the liter box Iv never had a better pet before Wally

  32. Amy

    Just the other day my brother found five baby opossums. They are smaller than the two I raised as a kid. I found them on our carport wandering around after our dog (I suspect) had gotten the mother. I don’t know how I did it. I had no clue what I was doing. At the time I didn’t have access to the internet so I just guessed at everything. They both survived and my dad released them one night while I was asleep (he knew I would be upset). It was a fun experience as a teen but at the time I didn’t have any responsibilities. Now I don’t have the time to take care of any baby animals. I have kids and I take care of my elderly grandmother. My brother is doing his best at feeding them and my mom and I help him when we can.
    I have found a little information on the net but not enough to feel comfortable that they will make it. Just when I think I have found information on how to take care of orphaned opossum baby’s I find that the information is limited to first aid and ultimately states” find an animal rescuer in your area”. What if there isn’t an animal rescuer in your area?( Which is the problem we are facing).
    I need to know what to feed them. They are about 3 inches long now and he is feeding them evaporated milk every 1-2 hrs. He also is stimulating them to eliminate but they haven’t pooped yet. I don’t know if that is normal or not. One of them died this morning. It was injured by a dog. He had a bloody nose and his paws and bottom was red. He was the only one in the litter that wouldn’t eliminate. We clean them with a Q-tip dipped in warm water to simulate the mothers tongue. They really seem to like it.
    I think that maybe we are doing a few things right but it would be comforting to find the information we need to better their chances of survival. Any information or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  33. Steve Creek Post author

    Amy, I am sorry but I want be of any help at all to you on what to feed them. I wish the best of luck to you. Please keep me updated on how they are doing.

  34. Mom to all

    Our family dog kills possum when they get in the yard. This time it was a mom with babies. We are trying to keep 6 babies alive. I am estimating them to be 9-10 weeks of age as 4 had eyes open and the other two opened the next day. Feedinga goats milk formula with a syringe. They are drinking what we drip on their tongues. Wouldn’t call them precious or cute, but I am learning a lot about the Opossum species – I will not look at them the same again.
    Wish us luck!

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  36. cassie

    I found three baby opossum on the road just yesterday (mom was dead) they have hair and can walk a little (look just like the photo above) they are eating off a spoon I am feeding them cat formula and wipe them so they go to the rest room however am still worried they wont make it any help?? I live in Holmes county Ohio and can not find any place to take them.

  37. Tess

    Hi. we found a baby possum, just like the one in the pic, right outside our door, under our tree. he was there for at least a day and a night, but mom never came back, so we brought him inside. unfortunately, no one here in cali wants to help him… or I just havent found the right people. I did speak with a woman from the possum society, she gave me lots of info… but still.. I am worried about the lil guy. I am assuming his momma was foraging through my garden, the tree he was under is next to the garden gate, he must have fell off or got left behind some how. I was told not to give cows milk, maybe some evap milk mixed with egg yolk, but that he should be old enough for water, some small pieces of fruit and smashed up dry dog food… so, thats what I made him a little tray of, its in there in his box waiting for him. He is sleeping now, wish the lil guy luck for me! I just want him to get well, strong and be able to be on his way. 🙂

  38. Corry

    For all of you posting who have found baby possums……I have had some experience raising them, and might be able to offer some help.

    I found mine in a dead mom as well, they did have some fur and their eyes were open. I had no idea what to feed them, so I made a formula and fed them with a kitten bottle (now you all have the internet, so Google how to make a good formula for the babies). I also had GREAT luck with Gerber baby food!! Bananas were their favorite…..but plum, apple, carrots, peas, all the veggie and fruit baby foods worked great for them until they got enough teeth to start eating real foods. Since they are carnivores, they will need meat, too – this is where the dog food comes in handy.

    Babies need warmth and companionship. If you are lucky enough to have found several, they can help keep each other warm and company. A little lone possum will want to be on you as much as possible. Mine used to love to curl up in my long hair and hang out in there (sounds creepy, but it was pretty funny). They can hold on with all four of their feet, so they can climb really well!

    Anyway, now that you all have the internet, it’s much easier to find information on how to raise them and feed them – they are tough little things, and easier to raise than some other orphans…..but if they are small, they won’t make it on their own. They are pretty cool animals and I had a lot of fun with mine.

  39. Steve Creek Post author

    Corry, Thank you so much for posting about your experience with raising baby possums.

  40. mariel

    i found a possum today and actually theres 2 and they hisss put im to scared to grave them and will they bite and i dont want to feed them cow milk i think its bad for them and i havent feed them and its been 2 days someone please tell me what to feed themand i feel bad becuase there hudled up in the dark in a courner what do i do plz help

  41. lisa

    I just wanted to make a couple suggestions here. This morning I found two baby possums in my fireplace. I scooped them up, put them in a box, and put soft cat food and water in with them and put them outside hoping that tonight the mama might find them. I then (because I couldnt find any numbers) called my local vet and asked them if they knew who to call. They gave me the number for my state. I asked about laws, because in some states, according to the internet, it is illegal to bring a wild animal into your house. The woman was quite friendly and advised me to bring them inside right away, because they needed to be kept warm, and she said a possum mama will never come back looking for her babies. She advised me to hold them and cuddle them a lot because they ride their moms backs, and it would provide body heat (but you can use a heating pad). This lady gave me the number of a local wildlife rehabilitator whom I called. She is over 50 miles away, and they do not come to you to pick them up. I couldnt take them today, so we are taking them to her tommorow. She advised me to feed them pedialyte. They would not eat soft cat food on their own, but she told me do NOT feed cow milk. It kills them. I have been trying to put the soft cat food into their mouths in tiny pieces and get them to chew it but they wont. The lady said not to worry though as long as I give them pedialyte every couple hours. She said they would be ok on that for about a day till she got them and starts feeding them formula. They are adorable, and quite active. I would love to keep one, but I know a wildlife rehabilitator is the best option for them.

  42. Nena

    I have raised all sorts of baby animals, the best thing I have found is goats milk. You can buy cans of goat milk at the grocery store or get it from a farm that raises goats. This type of milk is really rich for baby’s even human babies , and it doesn’t cause loose stools or constipation . Goat milk is the only thing I ever use.

  43. Pat

    Around 11 AM this morning I saw a baby possum on my neighbor’s doorstep. I was surprised to see him at that hour of the day, as I know they are only nocturnal. He ran into the bushes when I ascended the steps but then came out again and looked at me. Cute little guy. Does this mean something is wrong…he is a baby, out in the daylight. If I see him again tomorrow, what should I do? I live in Los Angeles. Thank you.

  44. Carla Wilson

    Ok,so I’ve raised all kinds of wildlife and had no problem.I’ve raised racoons,squirrels and diffrent babies,but Im rasing a baby opossum now and shes been doing grea!I’ve had her for almost 2 month and she was about 9 weeks old,we fed her soy milk and weened her from that and shes eating solid food now and been going outside to use the bathroom and ues the litter box also:)shes loveable and loves being round cats since our moma cat was nursing she adoted her,we named her Baby.The only problem im expriencing right now is having trouble having a bowel movement,she eats chicken,steak,hamburger,ham,broccoli,and other veggies avacado,applesause, and drinks gatoraid.Is there anything i can give to her to help her go more easily?im going to get her some yorgurt to see of that may help some,she also eats some bananas at times.If you have any ideas that might help please let me know!Thanks:)my email is

  45. andrew and kristen r

    My husband and i found a baby possum in the street and spent 72 hrs nursing him until he passed away. We gave him a proper burial and wish we could’ve saved him but believe his soul has found peace. We take solace in the fact that he had warm food and loving hands in his darkes hours. We miss Lucky but know he’s raiding God’s trashcan now. We commend anyone that can take this responsibilty on. Bless you and yours

  46. Robin

    Steve-a little info for your readers who don’t know-opossums babies don’t eat just anything! See the attached links for proper feeding if you are going to rehab orphans. Failure to provide proper nutrition can result in Metabolic Bone Disease which effects bone growth & they can have bone deformities or die from it. I currently have 6 orphaned opossums that I will be releasing soon. They steal your heart. I thought they were dumb little creatures. They have proved me wrong. They love their ‘possum momma (me) and want affection. They are slowly growing out of that now though, so I know its time to let them move on to the wild. I cry as I will miss them…my husband says “their your opossums, fence in an acre for them if you want”. I want to however that is not fair to them. Anyhow, I found these two sites helpful.