Antelope Island Bison

I saw a lot of Bison while visiting Antelope Island State Park in Utah. I usually don’t make a lot of photos of these animals because they don’t do much when I see them. I do keep an eye out and have my camera ready when I see people around the Bison. Some people forget that these are wild animals and they can hurt you. My friends Mia and Ron who frequent Antelope Island have seen first hand what some of the crazy things people will do when they get around these animals.

Here is a post that Ron made of the Bison at Antelope Island and near the bottom of the post he has a great photo of a person being chased by a Bison: The Bison Of Antelope Island

Here is a great post by Mia: Don’t Tick The Bison Off

The Antelope Island bison herd is significant because it is one of the largest and oldest publicly owned bison herds in the nation. It is one of the two bison herds managed by the State of Utah, the other being the Henry Mountains bison herd. The Antelope Island bison herd currently numbers between 550 and 700 individuals.

Bison With Bird

An Antelope Island Bison

Bison and A Man

A Photographer Getting Close To A Bison At Antelope Island State Park In Utah

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