American Bald Eagle At Charleston City Lake

I know I have shown everyone my photos of the Great Blue Herons and the Double-crested Cormorants but the main reason I was at the Charleston City Lake here in Arkansas were for the American Bald Eagles.

Most of the times that I was at this lake the Eagles stayed on the far side, perched in the trees. I did see lots of Eagles flying north toward the Arkansas River but they were to far away or the light was terrible.

I did have one land in a tree near the parking lot but the city garbage truck arrived at the same time to pickup the trash and the Eagle left.

I was able to make a few photos but not as many as I would have liked. It’s still great to be in an area that you can view these amazing birds even if I can’t make photos of them.

American Bald Eagle At Charleston City Lake Photo

An American Bald Eagle Flying Over The Charleston City Lake Here In Arkansas

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