A Young Whitetail Buck

By | August 18, 2010

A Young Whitetail Buck

A Young Whitetail Buck

A Young Whitetail Buck

A Whitetail Buck is a little more difficult to photograph. As soon as they since something is not right they leave for the safety of cover. This young buck is still in velvet and I was able to show you different views of it.

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I photographed this Whitetail Buck at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

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  2. Barbara

    Wow – he’s a beauty. You’ve had a great time “shooting” deer I suspect Steve – your images are terrific. This young fellow can’t be more than two or three at the most. The way his tail is tucked, he’s nervous but not yet alarmed. White tails look quite dashing when they’re startled and all you can see is that lovely white flag.

  3. Steve Creek Post author

    Thanks Barbara! He was nervous but it was something across the field that he didn’t like. I could never see what it was but he either saw something or he smelled it. I always enjoy going to the Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge and wished I could park my camper nearby so as not to make that 1 hour drive. People should check out a Wildlife Refuge in their area for viewing and photographing wildlife. They do a great job of taking care of the wildlife.

  4. Pat Ulrich

    He certainly is a handsome fella! really love the setting for these shots too, with that nice even low growth of vegetation!

  5. Synthetic Tone

    Nice series. If I might offer a suggestion… it seems the WB settings are a bit off leaving a bit of blue overcast. A little push towards yellow injecting warmth would enhance the images I think. Nice use of DOF and framing though