A Six-Legged Spider

By | September 13, 2010

I have checked on this six-legged Garden Spider this past week and it has had no problems catching and eating insects with 2 legs missing.

A Six Legged Spider

Black and Yellow Garden Spider with Missing Legs

Garden Spider Facts and Camera Settings

Legs of these spiders are black with red or yellow bands. Each leg has 3 claws per foot, one more than most spiders. Garden Spiders use this third claw to help handle the threads while spinning.

0 thoughts on “A Six-Legged Spider

  1. Bill

    I took a photo similar to this in New England (ame species), but my spider had all eight legs, and it was not nearly as good as the picture you display here (it is used as the photograph for one of my articles “Perfect” on my website. Interesting that this spider is found in your neck of the woods and up here in the north. It must be able to tolerate a variety of conditions from very warm to very cold.

    We call this spider black and yellow garden spider (Argiope aurantia) in New England. It’s fairly scary to some because of its size but is a very beneficial arachnid considering how many pest insects it consumes.

    As always your photos are the best!


  2. Judi

    Oh Steve, you are so good at finding the unusual and bringing it to us. This spider is an inspiration to all of us as we all have some kind of disfigurement or amputee, physical or emotional, yet he has continued on, and is doing well. Once again nature has given us hope. Thanks Steve.

  3. Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    wonderful! I’m so glad she is doing well. For some reason all spiders are female to me! May she continue to thrive. I once found a beautiful swallowtail butterfly with only one wing, she was ambling on the forest floor. I picked her up and put her on a mossy tree to protect her from the bottom insects. I know she was most likely doomed. I said a little prayer for her…felt a tear coming on and walked away. I couldn’t do anything for her but wishing her well. thankyou for this.

  4. Barbara

    Spiders are symbols for weaving, weaving our dreams, life, plans – and this wee garden spider shows us that it’s possible to continue to fulfill our dreams whatever our challenges.

    love this picture – it’s a keeper – keep us up to date please Steve, on how this wee creature manages. I bet she leaves a big egg sack next year – lots of babes to keep the spirit going!

  5. Maria Rosa

    I really am fascinated with spiders and can spend hours watching them. I do respect some of them – especially the ones with the “fiddle” on their back!! I so identify with what Judi and especially Barbara had to say. Thanks for sharing ladies. Thanks to Steve for bringing this special spider to us.

  6. Bobbie Taylor

    I have found a six legged spider looking thing today.. Doesnt look like it is missing any legs. I live in South East Texas.. If anyone knows anything bout this thing please let me know I have a picture if interested in seeing. Thank You Bobbie

  7. Steve Creek Post author

    Bobbie, I would love to see your photo of the 6 legged Spider. I will post it on Twitter and see if someone can help to ID it.

  8. Edith

    I live in North Carolina.And i found a six legged garden spider in my flowers.And it had killed a bug.I have never seen a spider like this.Where did it come from?

  9. Steve

    I have an identical spider on my sliding door that has 7 legs it is missing one of the front left legs, I don’t know how to upload a picture to you but I have a digital camera and can take a picture…or with my phone.