A Rabbit Blowing A Raspberry

A Rabbit Blowing a Raspberry

This is one of the rabbits that lives in my yard and that visits my bird feeders. I was taking a bunch of photos of it when it decides to be funny or was just tired of me photographing it.

Rabbit Facts

They browse at night on grasses and herbs and are fond of garden fare such as peas and, of course, lettuce. In winter, their diet becomes a bit coarse and consists of bark, twigs, and buds.

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0 Responses to A Rabbit Blowing A Raspberry

  1. Julie G. says:

    Very silly! Thanks for the morning chuckle.

  2. Dan Huber says:

    Love it Steve, great capture!

  3. Spyder Canopus says:

    Rabbit says herp derp

  4. Lili Feldman says:

    That’s such a funny photo! You should have a caption contest!

  5. judi says:

    I agree with Lili, have a capiton contest. Great silly photo!

  6. Becky L says:

    Great shot of a funny bunny! Yes, caption contest! Who said animals don’t have minds and emotions!LOL!

  7. Absolutely wonderful shot here, Steve, I just love it!

  8. Jeff Creek says:

    You told me it would be good and it was. Thats is one of a kind.

  9. Debbie says:

    Awesome, but I think it’s a definite raspberry!

  10. Rachel Cohen says:

    Sooo cute Steve! :))