A Pair Of Bobcats Traveling Together

By | June 20, 2013

I have been lucky and have photographed a pair of Bobcats one other time at the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma (Male And Female Bobcat Posing For Me). The bobcat is territorial and largely solitary so you don’t see them together very often.

I was watching a Barred Owl swooping down and catching crawdads when I spotted this pair of Bobcats walking out of the woods and onto the road. I had an idea on where they would be going which was to an area at the end of the road. I’m sure that they have a home in that area because I have seen them many times going into that area.

I took a few quick photos and then I decided that I would get in front of them and photograph them as they walked past me.

As you can see my plan worked out great. I was able to park on a little side road and wait in my vehicle as they passed by.

A Pair Of Bobcats Traveling Together Photo

A Pair Of Bobcats On The Road At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge In Oklahoma

A Pair Of Bobcats Traveling Together Photo

One Of The Bobcats Walking Down The Road At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

A Pair Of Bobcats Traveling Together Photo

These Two Bobcats Are Walking Very Close Together

A Bobcat Photo

A Quick Pose Before This Bobcat Walked By Me

A Bobcat Photo

A Bobcat Walking By My Vehicle At The Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

Author: Steve Creek

An Arkansas-based wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife found in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Steve’s images are created from his overwhelming passion for being outdoors with cameras in tow.

0 thoughts on “A Pair Of Bobcats Traveling Together

  1. Maria Rosa

    Nice set of photos. The two together is awesome – I even like the “rear end” view of the second one!! Your “POP” (Passion, Observation, Patience) always brings such great photos:-)

  2. Liz

    What a wonderful adventure! Fantastic photographs, I would have loved to be in your shoes at this moment in time! 🙂

  3. Barbara

    Holy smoke – what great photos – love bobcats – but have only seen them in zoos as a child… this pair is simply amazing Steve – so well done!

  4. Cindy

    You see the best wildlife.. What a life! Thanks for sharing.. Do glad to know those kittehs are out there!

  5. Cyndi

    I agree with all of the comments, andI am in awe of these beautiful creatures. You captured them beautifully–I am so envious!

  6. Cindy H

    Beautiful. I’m amazed you were able to get in front of them. I would think they would take off into the woods. (but then I’m used to deer, I guess.) They look wonderful side by side, and they seem not to have a care in the world.