1. Inca is beautiful, although I’m also very fond of Mourning doves, common as they are. Not sure I’ve seen the Eurasian. If I have, in my ignorance, I may have just assumed it was an unusual Mourning dove. Have to pay better attention!

  2. I agree with Steve on the nice comparison. I love that Inca dove. The feather pattern is incredible.

  3. I love the mourning dove, they are so gentle and comforting, but I have to say that Inca Dove is incredible, I’ve seen them sculpted in stone & your pic shows they are real, not just an artists take on a dove. The feather pattern look like armor plating.

  4. Wonderful images of all 3 species!! I’ll need to watch for the Inca Dove. We have lots of the other 2 species…very beautiful, sweet birds.

  5. Pakrat, that link didn’t work for me but I was able to see your photos after digging a little deeper on your site. Those do look like Eurasian’s to me.

  6. this page has helped me on a research paper im doing on doves thank you so much steve for making this site it’s a lot of help